Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators

Helping Ventures to Measure Their Impact

How do we as incubators and accelerators best support our social entrepreneurs (and ourselves!) in measuring, managing and reporting on their impact? At its core, a true social enterprise or impact accelerator program must be focused on creating a measurable and meaningful social and/or environmental impact.


This section identifies some of the reasons for measuring the impact of social entrepreneurs and provides a number of approaches and tools for intermediaries to use with their ventures. It looks at how to design and teach a Theory of Change (ToC) with your ventures, before addressing some of the challenges and techniques of gathering useful data for measurement.


    To understand the tools and resources available for supporting your social enterprise clients to measure their impact


    • Understand the purpose and benefits of measuring impact
    • Understand what a theory of change is and the different elements that comprise one
    • Understand how to select outcome indicators
    • Understand approaches to gathering data on indicators
    • Understand how to use impact data to deliver and improve impact
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    Founded in 2008, Ākina is New Zealand’s leading social enterprise (SE) development organisation, operating in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. We deliver a range of capability building programmes for SEs at different stages of development, and provide specialist capacity building and advisory services in enterprise development, financing and market access, and sector development. Ākina believes that social entrepreneurs and social enterprise are key to building an economy that regenerates the environment and creates social foundations for people and communities to thrive.



Impact Measurement 101

The key concepts of impact measurement and why it is important for your ventures