Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators

Ecosystem Mapping

Ecosystem Mapping is an important step prior to the deeper dive of the creation of a strategic plan.


Ecosystem mapping, from both the perspective of support organisations and entrepreneurs, allows you to identify where your ecosystem is currently at and then successfully map the initiatives and support required to get the ecosystem to where you desire it to be.


An ecosystem is a collective of entities coexisting in a shared physical and digital environment, seeking the resources, collaboration, and supports essential to their success and impact.

An entrepreneur ecosystem can include:

  • The Entrepreneurs and Companies themselves
  • Programs
  • Talent
  • Space and Events
  • Education
  • The Funding Ecosystem 
  • Service Providers
  • Infrastructure
  • Government and Policy 


Each stage of entrepreneurship requires a different part of the ecosystem and should be ready when entrepreneurs are in need.

Probing Questions

What stage is your ecosystem at? Is your entrepreneur ecosystem nascent or mature? 

In each category of the ecosystem, what currently exists? What is needed?

  • Entrepreneurs and Companies

    What are currently the number of entrepreneurs or companies? What is the current growth rate? What does it need to be?


    What is the current environment for entrepreneurs – is it relatively “easy” to become an entrepreneur? What is the cultural sentiment about becoming an entrepreneur? What are the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur in the country, and what are some barriers? What needs to change? 


    Are corporates and companies generally well connected to the startup community? Do they currently have ways and incentives to give back to entrepreneurs? (whether that means mentoring, capital, programs, etc.)

  • Investors and Funding

    What does the current investor and funding landscape look like in terms of dollar value and ease of investment? 


    Are there currently networks and organisations for Angels, Venture Capital, etc. to connect investment capital with entrepreneurs? 


    What currently motivates investors in the ecosystem, what are barriers, and what are some incentives that can be created to foster the funding landscape?

  • Education

    What curriculums and programs currently exist and who is responsible for running these? How many and what is the current quality?

  • Government

    What legislation needs to exist to assist the formation and development of ecosystem players?

  • Incubation and Acceleration

    Who is currently running great incubation and acceleration programs and who may need additional training? 


    What programs are not being currently delivered, and who can deliver them in the future?

  • Infrastructure and Space

    What infrastructure (both physical and virtual) and space currently exists? What needs to be built?

  • Workshops and Events

    Which organisations are the most active in workshops and events? 


    What is currently being offered and what should be offered?

  • Mentors

    Is mentorship and the mentor network widely accepted in the region?


    What does mentorship look like for each city, region, or cluster? 


    What kind of mentor training needs to happen and how do you incentivise business leaders to become mentors?


    What are the trends?

    Locally to globally?

    Industry specific or agnostic?


  • Ecosystem Mapping

    A handout from Spring for mapping an ecosystem



Program Mapping

What programs exist in your ecosystem?