Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators

Leadership and Team Plan

What leadership and skill sets does your team need for your new plan?

Whose buy-in do you need? Who do you need to run your plan?

Involve your team – the more visibility and involvement they have, the more everyone will be working toward the same, shared goal. And, if you are going off track, they will be able to more proactively and quickly flag issues and suggest solutions.

Similarly, if you are missing targets, it won’t come as a huge shock if you need to make further changes or cuts.

A simple and practical way to start looking at your team is by doing a Skills Audit. Write down each of the skills, and the level of expertise or experience, you need in your organisation. And then, map it to what your team currently has, and who on your team brings these skills.

Also in this audit, note other relevant details or context for that skill. Does it need to be an in-house skill? Is it a one-off activity that would ideally be contracted out? How feasible is it for an existing team member to be trained up to the level required and in the timeframe you need?


We’re not saying which role or job title does this. Not only does everyone bring their own unique mix of skills and experience to their work, but the reality for many early stage and small businesses is that you’ll also have hired a team for their breadth and flexibility.

Planning for Growth - TODAY

What skills and experience do you need now?


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Funding Your New Plan

Where will revenue come from TODAY and in the FUTURE?