Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators

Revisiting the Foundation

As leaders of impact entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world, it is important that Entrepreneur Support Organisations take the time to take a step back and think strategically about their own business resilience.


Whether in times of struggle and uncertainty, or in times of abundance and growth, ESOs given the opportunity to reflect on their current assessment, financial sustainability, and new strategic plans are the ones that will endure and thrive to create maximum impact. They will provide the programs, support, access to capital, access to talent, mentorship, and access to markets that entrepreneurs need to solve some of the biggest and toughest problems.


This section addresses the ways that ESOs continuously need to evolve in how they support entrepreneurs. It covers how they can build programs and services, and how they can work with funders for sustained change.


    In Revisiting the Foundation, it’s all about going back to the basics. In times of struggle and uncertainty, going back to your foundations and why you do what you do is the best way to recalibrate as a leader.


    • Perform a current assessment of your organisation 
    • Identify points of recovery and resilience where needed
    • Identify paths for growth for both your organisation and the entrepreneurs you support
    • Plan for resiliency and financial sustainability for your organisation


    Spring exists to change the world through entrepreneurship. A certified B Corporation, Spring supports entrepreneurs who are using business as a force for good through incubation, acceleration, leaders roundtables, funding training, workshops, and ecosystem development advisory services. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Spring supports entrepreneurs via City Partners in over 10 countries around the world. Spring has supported more than 700 entrepreneurs to launch more than 300 businesses in less than five years.



Revisiting Your Theory of Change

What is the impact you want to create and what activities are needed to get you there?