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Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators

Entrepreneur Pipeline

As intermediaries, the key goal is to support entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. An important factor for success is that your talent pipeline for your program consists of a pool of entrepreneurs who are at the right stage and the right fit to take part in your program.


    Your program talent pipeline lacks gender diversity.


    A gender diverse talent pipeline for your program.


    Example measurement indicators and collection methods can be found here.

Why it matters

Having a strong, gender diverse pipeline to advertise your program is an important first step to being able to recruit and select a gender diverse cohort.


What is the current gender makeup of your program talent pipeline?

Is it representative of the gender diversity you wish to have in your program?


  • 1.

    Develop an understanding of where the entrepreneurs in your current talent pipeline, as well as those that have been through your program, were found or found your program. Based on those insights, proactively establish relationships with organisations or community groups that allow you to diversify your talent pool.

  • 2.

    Be deliberate and explicit in your marketing documentation about your intention to ensure a gender diverse pipeline.

  • 3.

    Target your marketing so different genders can both see and access information. Targeted marketing online is becoming a standard practice. Offline, for a more grassroots option, equip local retailers or other service providers that women (for example) tend to access to be able to provide this information to them.

  • 4.

    Ensure that when running bootcamps/recruitment all genders are represented equally. If you are seeking more female entrepreneurs, be deliberate about having a female team member recruit for this. ‘You can’t be what you can see’ – it is more likely that emerging female entrepreneurs will develop trust and be more encouraged to apply for a program if they have female role models.