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Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators

Program Location & Logistics

Accelerator and incubator programs can vary in duration and in how they deliver value to, and what they expect from, their entrepreneurs. Yours might be six months in duration and primarily online, whilst others might include a mix of face-to-face and remote sessions over a 12 month period.


    Your program’s location and associated logistics make it inaccessible to certain gender groups.


    Your program location and logistics do not privilege certain gendered groups. Your program location and logistics make it accessible for all applicants regardless of gender.


    Example measurement indicators and collection methods can be found here.

Why it matters

Your program location and logistics can be key inhibiting factors for applicants from particular gendered groups. If we consider women, often it is the female who is the primary caregiver to young children as well as ageing family members. A program that requires time away, evening sessions, overnight stay, significant travel, may prevent these females from applying. In addition, entrepreneurs from certain gendered groups may experience higher levels of discrimination and harassment and may have faced violence themselves. A location that requires travel at night or an overnight stay may create an environment that feels unsafe for them and prevent them from applying. Costs to attend a program, either travel or participation costs, may prevent certain gendered groups from applying if, in their community, they do not own or control the financial decisions.


Are the location and logistics of our program privileging some gendered groups over others?

E.g. if we hold sessions in the evenings, are men favoured over women who may have primary care duties, and need to take care of their children and other family and community members at that time?


  • 1.

    Be deliberate about understanding the competing demands on your entrepreneurs’ time in your region that may affect their ability to engage with your program. You can do this by asking current and future entrepreneurs (e.g. hold events and ask attendees, use surveys, partner with relevant/pipeline organisations and collaborate with them to define needs). Re-design your program, or create alternative programs and structured support, to cater to these needs.

    E.g. If many have young families, ensure the structure of your program allows for them to take care of their family duties as well as attend the program. This could include providing access to childcare or feeding facilities in the office, or not scheduling events at a time that clashes with family duties (e.g cooking dinner and taking care of children after school).


  • 2.

    Consider the location of your program, and what could make it more accessible to all entrepreneurs, regardless of gender.

    E.g. you could consider having a roaming program that changes location within or between programs, or if internet is accessible, having an online program.