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Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators
Interactive resources for incubators and accelerators

Gender Committee

A committee made up of diverse individuals from all parts and levels of your organisation that promotes conversations around, and provides recommendations on, initiatives relating to improving your gender practices.


    Gender continues to be a superficial conversation within your organisation.


    Issues relating to gender are deliberately identified and addressed with support from the top of your organisation.

Why it matters

Ensuring that the conversation around gender diversity becomes part of your organisation’s key priorities and that issues get identified and solved deliberately.


Are issues around gender being considered deeply?

Are all board members owning responsibility or are only one or two members looking at this?

Do issues of gender and power get lost during crisis times? How can we make this part of the day-to-day rather than stand in isolation?


  • 1.

    Create a committee or advisory board that has members from all levels of the organisation, who can address gender-related matters regularly and report this back to the organisation (Board, leadership and/or organisation-wide meetings).

  • 2.

    If committees exist, ensure that there is one member of each committee considering gender when the committee is making decisions. For example, the finance committee should be trained around issues of gender and also have one team member who is responsible for looking at this for the committee.

  • 3.

    Allocate resources and get the right gender experts to advise on this. Work together, not in isolation.