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Governments are very likely critical stakeholders within the social enterprise ecosystem. In the best case, laws, regulations, funding and initiatives driven by Government can address key priorities to address social needs and support social enterprises. However, in many regions, this is not the case and Governments can add significant obstacles to achieving social outcomes.


    Gender is not a key focus or consideration when creating policies and designing funding initiatives for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


    Government has a gender strategy and applies a gender lens across policies and funding decisions, and government policies relating to social entrepreneurship consider improving gender equity through entrepreneurship.


    Example measurement indicators and collection methods can be found here.

Why it matters

Policies can support or hinder the business outcomes of intermediaries and enterprises.


Does your Government (National or Local) influence how you operate as an intermediary?

Does your Government apply a gender lens?

Are there key players that can be influenced to support work around gender?


The best way to influence Government Policy or funding decisions is to show the positive impact on the social outcomes or economy from the initiatives proposed. In addition, the work needs to align with key Government priority areas.

  • 1.

    Collect financial return and social impact return data to demonstrate the impact of the work for which you are seeking government support.

  • 2.

    Use data relating to gender in order to influence policy and funding decisions that make the ecosystem more accessible and inclusive of all genders.

  • 3.

    Gain support from partner organisations. Create a working group with other intermediaries and partner organisations to lobby for particular changes. The voice from a  group of intermediaries/stakeholders will always stronger than from a single organisation.